Wharton Veterinary Clinic - Large and Small Animal Services - Wharton, TX
1518 Highway 60 South • Wharton, Texas 77488

979-532-1431 24 Hour Emergency Service
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If you would like to board your pet at the Wharton Veterinary Clinic Pet Inn & Spa, we will need some preliminary information from you about your furry friend. Please fill out the application below, one per pet. Once we receive this request we will contact you to set up your reservation. Please note, your reservation is not confirmed until you hear back from us. For your convenience boarding options and agreement are available for you to complete prior to check-in.

After making an appointment for your pet’s stay you may have some questions for us. We’d also be happy to give you a tour of our boarding facility. Contact us to get a private tour of the Wharton Veterinary Clinic Pet Inn & Spa. If there are questions that we may have missed in this section please don’t be afraid to call us and ask!

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