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Pet Health

Pet Health

Meet your Veterinarian

Meet your Veterinarian

The Pet Inn & Spa at Wharton Veterinary Clinic

The Pet Inn & Spa at Wharton Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Wharton Veterinary Clinic

Low Cost Spay and Neuter days

Effective January 1st 2023, we will offer low cost small animal spays and neuters on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month.
Call and get on our schedule for next month!

Canine Spay/Neuter:  $152.25
Feline Spay:  $126.00
Feline Neuter:  $68.25

The Special includes Pain Management and a Rabies Vaccine.
Pets that are pregnant or in heat will have additional fees applied.


Wharton Veterinary Clinic is a Large and Small Animal Veterinary Hospital offering the highest care to your pet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for over 70 years. Our goal is to provide incomparable care and service to our clients and patients. We strive to enhance each patients care using cutting-edge technology, innovative thinking and a state-of-the-art facility. As family members, your pets deserve nothing less than the best care available. At Wharton Veterinary Clinic we are committed to providing the highest level of communication, compassion, and care to our patients and their caregivers.

Wharton Veterinary Clinic provides a complete line of services for Large and Small Animals. Our friendly and educated staff is here to assist you in providing the utmost level of professional veterinary services.

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WE OPERATE PRIMARILY ON AN APPOINTMENT BASIS. Please call our office at 979-532-1431 to schedule your pet’s visit.